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Why Medical Device Development and Manufacturing Companies Focus on Innovation

Have you ever seen period films that show dentists performing tooth extractions or doctors performing surgery? Prior to the discovery of anesthesia and antibiotics, visiting the local dentist or doctor was a frightening experience, as patients would have their teeth extracted or limbs amputated with crude implements while they were fully conscious. To add insult to injury, open wounds could become infected or gangrenous if implements weren’t properly sterilized.

Fortunately, we no longer have to undergo such torturous procedures, thanks to advances in medical and scientific knowledge. Moreover, medical device development companies are constantly working towards new medical products that will benefit both medical practitioners and their patients.

Companies like Phoenix DeVentures Inc. engage in product design development, and create instruments, apparatuses, implants, and similar contraptions for various medical uses. Without these modern medical devices and implements, health providers would not be able to give their patients safe, efficient, and painless methods of treatment, and a rather complicated, but otherwise painless, procedure at the doctor or dentist would quickly transform into a harrowing experience instead of providing the necessary relief.

The development and manufacture of new medical devices support the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of various diseases. Without efficient medical devices and systems—like ophthalmic laser delivery systems, defibrillators, and blood flow sensors—certain diseases would be difficult or impossible to diagnose and treat.

The technology used to design and create medical devices has greatly improved thanks to the introduction of effective EOS DMLS machines. Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) was first developed by EOS, a company based in Munich, Germany. The new technology made it easier to design, develop, and manufacture not only medical device prototypes and bone implants, but also machine components, aircraft components, and injection molds.

DMLS utilizes metal fabrication technology to create physical components using 3D CAD models and energy from directed lasers. Very fine metal particles (some as minute as 20 microns) are fused to create physical components. The results are often very detailed, highly durable, and demonstrate great mechanical integrity. With DMLS technology, medical and dental devices with complex configurations can be accurately fabricated, ensuring that patients receive the first class treatment that they deserve.