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The Benefits of DMLS – Why Use Selective Laser Sintering?

Direct metal laser sinteringDirect metal laser sintering (DMLS), also known as selective laser melting or selective laser sintering, is a complex metal fabrication technology. The DMLS machine fuses metal powder, melting it with the focused laser beam and creating the solid part that has been previously modeled in 3D CAD by a technician. Very complex geometries can be created through DMLS, automatically, without using any kind of tools, in a matter of hours.

One of the benefits of DMLS is the accuracy of the production process. Through DMLS, very qualitative parts, with great mechanical properties can be created. The quality of the part’s surface is outstanding.  Furthermore, compared to traditional manufacturing methods, DMLS is also very quick. In just a few hours, the parts can be built without any tooling. The layer-by-layer design process of DMLS allows technicians to create internal features very difficult to construct otherwise. The assembly of components is thus simplified, because fewer, larger parts can be created. DMLS is preferred in production, because of the short manufacturing time and cost effective assembly. Direct metal laser sintering is used to manufacture a wide variety of metal parts, including aerospace, dental or medical machine parts, and is also an effective prototyping method.

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