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Find Out What Quick-Turn Injection Molding Is and What It’s Benefits Are

Quick Turn Injection MoldingQuick turn injection molding is the fastest available technology to create qualitative injection molded parts. Quick-turn manufacturing is the process of transforming a CAD file into quality molds in a very short amount of time. Unlike other prototype creation techniques, quick-turn provides qualitative, high standard molds that maintain the true geometry of the CAD file. Compared to other molding techniques, quick-turn molding does not compromise the geometry of the parts, constructing flawless molds that match the original design perfectly.

The main benefit of this molding procedure is its speed. This technology allows you to construct flawless molds very quickly and qualitatively. The rapidity of the process and mechanical qualities of the parts make quick-turn molding a cost-effective technology to produce parts and prototypes. This accessible procedure accelerates production time and reduces the cost, offering the same level of precision and durability like any other injection molding technique. This revolutionary technique provides superior stability, integrity, long-lasting and low costs, all in the shortest possible time frame. Quick turn injection molding can be used to create high-quality molds that meet the standard requirements of technicians from various industries, including aeronautic, dental, medical, industrial precision or electronics.

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