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Tapping Medical Device Manufacturers to Make Your Products for You

Imagine administering first aid on a snake-bite victim. You have a treatment kit on hand, which has everything you need to help the victim until proper medical support arrives: vacuum pump, razor, suction cups, the whole lot. A closer look at the label, however, will tell a different story. While the product, packaging, and labeling show superb production, which you’ve come to expect from the brand, it can be a stunner to learn that it was actually another company that made it. A part of the print reveals the true maker of the product.

Worry not. It is fast becoming a trend among companies involved in the health care industry to let quality medical device manufacturers, such as Phoenix Deventures, make their products. This is because advances in health care support mechanisms warrant better treatment solutions, especially with the advent of new illnesses.

A credible medical device outsourcing firm often has an array of production rooms that strictly follow Food and Drug Administration guidelines, as well as specific ISO labels. There are special rooms which have been sterilized for the manufacture of items with major liquid components such as silicone lubricant. Each product can be classified under Classes I to III, with Class III requiring strict regulatory controls because products under this class are used in life-support situations.

The manufacturing process is also augmented by direct metal laser sintering or DMLS. It involves making a cast of a certain tool out of a bed of metal powder. The design to be implanted in the DMLS machine is first fashioned through 3D computer-aided design suites and then finalized before feeding into the machine.

A bank of lasers then fuse the metal powder along various points as stated in the design template. The casting will go millimeter by millimeter until the tool has been fully fashioned. After the cast is gradually reinforced through a special oven, it can then be put to use on the device assembly line.
Having a professional medical device manufacturing team like Phoenix Deventures carries much weight in gold. Backed by strong government regulations, production outsourcing helps reduce internal manufacturing expenses.