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Rapid Product Fabrication with Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Every manufacturing company aims to turn out items of the highest production standards. This is essentially true, from the initial design to the materials engineering all the way to quality control. A well-engineered product backed by good marketing standards will surely be a winner among consumers.

With the economy doing well on several fronts, it is important to maintain or exceed the output to keep up with potential demand. The importance of such an outlook is more pronounced in the medical industry. As lives are on the line, practitioners need perfectly functioning equipment with the robustness to withstand tough conditions. To bolster the production of very durable medical devices, a factory producing these items will need direct metal laser sintering machines such as those manufactured by firms like Phoenix DeVentures, Inc..

Direct metal laser sintering, also known as DMLS, is a relatively new kind of manufacturing technology. Pioneered by German engineering firm EOS, the technology involves the use of laser devices to fashion new products out of a metallic powder base. The designs used in the machines are often visualized over a 3D CAD program. By using 3D models, the engineering team can accurately map out the product and identify potential flaws before the manufacturing process begins. This eliminates the need to suddenly return to the drawing board when a problem pops up, as often seen in costly product recalls.

A DMLS machine features a chamber with a vat of metal powder situated beneath the actual laser-cutting device. A computer panel nearby helps fine-tune the original design before the assembly of a product mold begins. The laser fuses the powder according to the design schematics, and the base of the tool plate is gradually lowered until the shape takes full form. The technician can gradually scrape the powder away from the item before inserting it in a heat-hardening chamber for finishing.

State-of-the-art additive manufacturing companies use DMLS units for the production of various items. For the healthcare circuit, these may include heart valve implants, custom dentures components, and other disposable medical equipment.

Adding DMLS machinery to the company’s operations is a worthwhile investment. This allows for more accurate product engineering, faster assembly time, and, most importantly, reduction of unnecessary operating expenses.