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Medical Device Manufacturing Made Easy with Direct Metal Laser Sintering Machines

During the Middle Ages, people relied on blacksmiths whenever they needed metal tools. Blacksmiths engaged in backbreaking and scorching work that required them to spend days or even weeks in their forges just to finish a single tool of surpassing quality. Yet for all their skill and craftsmanship, medieval blacksmiths could never hope to match the efficiency and accuracy of modern manufacturing techniques.

It is a good thing, then, that tool manufacturing techniques have greatly advanced since then. Otherwise, medical professionals would have had to contend with rather crude and even unsafe tools that could put patients’ lives in peril. Fortunately, modern additive manufacturing techniques have spawned direct metal laser sintering machines or DMLS machines that equip medical practitioners with a wide range of sophisticated and precision-made devices and instruments.

DMLS machines have taken over where the local blacksmith left off—and in a completely new and revolutionary way. That’s because DMLS provides a no-sweat, no-tears, and definitely no-backaches manufacturing process. Using 3D computer-aided design (CAD) imaging, device makers can develop and manufacture any metal tool or device for medical and industrial uses within hours instead of days.

Unlike a blacksmith who often takes a lot of time to produce a single tool, the DMLS can be compared to a super blacksmith who can do the same job at high speeds and in less time. Instead of repeatedly pounding on metal to beat it into the right size and shape, a DMLS machine produces a perfect mold and builds the part layer by 20 micrometre layer. This has led some people to classify DMLS as a form of 3D printing.

In the medical field, DMLS is widely considered a heaven-sent development. Thanks to this manufacturing innovation, doctors now have access to increasingly high-precision tools and devices that can save lives. These include heart valve implants, bone implants, implant delivery systems, and blood analyzers, among many others.

As technology continues to evolve, you can expect leading additive manufacturing companies like Phoenix DeVentures to keep on raising the bar for quality and innovation. DMLS techniques can only get better, enabling medical practitioners to upgrade to increasingly accurate, cost-effective, and safe medical tools.