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Contract Manufacturing

A Leading Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Company

Contract Manufacturing

Phoenix DeVentures is a leading medical device contract manufacturing company that has over three decades of experience in medical device development. We produce parts, devices, and systems for start-up companies with a constrained budget, but require the manufacturing of specific components to get their businesses up and running.

As one of the top medical device manufacturers in the industry, we work closely with our clients and provide them with products of the highest quality, while taking into consideration time restraints and budget limitations. We help expedite the process of development and production by using our resources to come up with quality medical parts and devices.

Why Choose Us

Phoenix DeVentures is certified to ISO 13485 standard with additional credentials such as Medical Manufacturing License in the state of California as well as registration with FDA to manufacture medical products. Our clean rooms are certified to ISO class VII (class 10,000). We have one clean room that is isolated and dedicated to assemblies requiring silicone lubricant.

Capabilities include ultra sonic welding, UV adhesives, robotic adhesives application as well as other standard assembly techniques.

We manufacture such products as dental devices, ophthalmic devices, bone implants. Cardiac implants, etc. Products we manufacture are used throughout the United States and Europe.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Hiring medical device manufacturers to produce parts and devices offers multiple advantages.

  • Complete Ownership of Products – Since you will only be outsourcing the production, you have full ownership over the completed parts.
  • Cost Savings – You don’t have to pay for a production facility and purchase equipment for production. You get to save on labor costs such as wages, benefits, and training.
  • Product Quality – You can take advantage of the advanced skills that a contract manufacturer possesses, such as specific methods of efficiency and quality control that allow them to detect damaged or faulty parts and devices at an early stage.
  • Business Connections – Contract manufacturers usually have good working relationships with several raw material suppliers. Since they service more than one client, they are able to purchase more units in one shipment, which reduces the cost per unit.

With our help, you can focus on your key competence, whether it is in the area of product research and development, sales and marketing, logistics, or advertising, while we take charge of the mass production process and create high quality medical device components that suits your business needs. To request a quote or inquire about medical device contract manufacturing, call us at (408) 786-5094 today.