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Technical Solution

At Phoenix DeVentures we value time expediency. Therefore we strive to bring all capabilities under one roof so we aren’t constrained by the lost lead times associated with sending work outside.

We have in-house expertise and capabilities in many areas, including: product design, testing, machine design and fabrication, custom software, mold making and injection molding, complete CNC machining, Nitinol forming and electro-polishing, heat treatment, 3d printing in plastic and metal, simulation and FEA of structures, components and assemblies, laser welding, etc. etc. etc.

Phoenix DeVenture’s technical strategy is based on incorporating the best of today’s technology and exceptional problem solving skills. Technological competence is required in order to provide quality results in a cost-effective way. Our seamless product development process will maximize your competitive advantage and productivity.

Our foundation has given the company the resources and ability to overcome new and challenging tasks that clients present. Time and time again, Phoenix DeVentures has shown the competitive advantage by continuously developing their existing foundation to meet the demands of the rapidly growing and changing market conditions.

Our Technical Knowledge Will Serve You

When all you need is a small quantity of parts to prove a concept, or perform limited user evaluations, our technical knowledge will deliver parts fast, and at a greatly reduced cost to your project budget. By building molds as cavities only to fit into our standard mold bases, and not building fully automated molds, you can save 50% or more on your mold costs. Deliveries can occur in weeks or even days depending on component complexity. In fact, our record to date is 4 hours from receipt of CAD file to molding parts.