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About Phoenix DeVentures: Leader Among Medical Device Development & Additive Manufacturing Companies

Phoenix DeVentures, Inc., one of the leading additive manufacturing companies today, offers over 30 years of experience in the medical device development industry. Our company provides a complete range of services in the medical device development field including designing, developing, and manufacturing all types of medical products. Our company thrives in helping companies that need to advance their technologies at a rapid pace, but have limited resources in order to do so.

Phoenix DeVentures, Inc. started out working with various medical device companies. This is how our company operated for our first 18 years in business. In the year 2000, our founder decided to branch out on his own to create his own “solo” business. The goal of our founder was to consult, design, and problem solve for a variety of other start up clients. By focusing our business in the start-up environment, we are able to prove our concepts and build value at a lower cost than more traditional organizations.

Since going solo, our company has expanded to add over 40 new people to our staff and obtained an ISO13485 certification. This certification allows us to develop and manufacture a large range of medical products. As our start-up clients have grown, we have developed along with them in order to support their needs.

Some of our medical products include heart valve implants, bone implants, implant delivery systems, dental devices, cardiac catheters, urinary catheters, blood analyzers, fatigue cycle testers, and disposable ophthalmic devices as well as many others. Our company has patents for many general surgery devices, coronary devices, implants, and instruments, which allow us to help our clients with many different types of projects.

Our Values

The CEO of Phoenix DeVentures Inc. understands the constraints that the start-up company is working under. This is why our company places value on the precious resources that are available. We understand the stress and difficulty of working with a limited budget under strict time restraints. Our goal is to work closely with each of our clients in a collaborative development effort. This personal touch offers a smooth transition from development of the product into the manufacturing of the product. This entire process helps facilitate success. At Phoenix DeVentures, Inc. we understand and work with the idea that we are only successful if each and every one of our clients is successful.

Our Vision

The medical product industry is ever changing. As one of the leading additive manufacturing companies in the industry, we understand that there are real time restraints and budget limits that must be adhered to. Our goal is to work directly with our clients so that their products are commercialized as efficiently as possible. The challenges that are faced in our industry today are much different than those that were faced in the 80s and 90s and we understand that. This is why we help speed up the process of the entire project focusing on the constraints of the medical product industry. Our vision is to help each of our clients, no matter how big or small, develop their products in the most cost-effective manner possible.