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Unisurge Systems

Here are examples of projects from Unisurge, a previous start up company. Click on the thumbnail photos below to view a larger image.

The technical team of Unisurge included:
Jeff Christian, Mike Hogendijk, Jeff Holmes, Sid Gandionco, Gary Miller, Janine Robinson, Bruce McCartney, Mario Del Rosario, Mike Orth, Brady Esch, Chris Forsten, and Tony Jager.

The Unisurge Unisystem Instrumentation

The Unisurge Unisystem is a complete line of laparoscopic instrumentation. The Unigrip accommodates several reposable instruments.

The Unigrip

The Unigrip has multiple functions conveniently designed into a single finger tip control.

The Instruments

The instruments include electrocautery devices, graspers, dissectors, scissors, etc.

The Combination

A unique feature of the system is the combination of irrigation with active instruments such as scissors.

The Unicontroller

The Unicontroller conveniently combines control of irrigation and cautery switching.

The Unitrocar

The Unitrocar is sharper than competitive trocars and can be used multiple times.

Reposable Devices

The reposable devices include a use counter which automatically counts down with each use.