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In-house mold making capabilities


Maintaining quality and keeping production moving are key considerations for medical device manufacturing. 


Our in-house mold making capabilities give us complete control over production schedules so we can deliver high-quality parts faster than other production facilities. 


We also have control over quality. Our molding technique results in parts that are designed to last longer than other molds while still producing as many units. 


Our engineers and design specialists are always ready to come up with a design --  no matter how complex -- that meets your specifications and production requirements. 


High Quality

We use the latest equipment, utilize modern technology, and apply best practices to ensure that our mold making projects are finished on time and top quality parts are produced.

Fast Production

Our in-house capabilities give us complete control over production schedules, which means we can manufacture your parts faster than at other production facilities.

Design Solutions

Our experts can provide solutions to complicated designs, including external or internal threads, undercuts, or textured surfaces.

Past projects include a wide range of technologies
including, but not limited to:
Our engineering team works closely with clients, often physicians and entrepreneurs, to bring ideas to reality.

Medical device


Medical device

Ciel Medical

Commercial products


Process development

Kinamed Incorporated


Semler Scientific

Medical device

iScience Interventional

Medical device

Avenda Health




PuraCath Medical

Medical device


Medical device

Suture Ease

Medical device

Client Confidential

Medical device

Tenon Medical

Medical device

Spinal Kinetics


Internal Projects


Non-Medical Projects

No Matter How Big or Small

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