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Support For The Full Product Life Cycle


We were founded with the purpose of helping promising startups navigate the medical device design and development process to make their innovations a reality. 

Here’s the problem we set out to solve. The medical device design and development process is complicated and cumbersome, especially for startups and entrepreneurs without corporate funding to back them up. And that, we felt, was resulting in lost opportunities for MedTech innovation.

Understanding the challenges that startups and entrepreneurs face, we focused our 40 years of experience in MedTech on helping them make their innovations a reality. We knew that we needed to leverage our expertise to help startups get their product to market quickly, safely, and as cost effectively as possible if we wanted to make our goal achievable.

We developed significant in-house capabilities and now have over fifty employees in a 40,000 square foot facility. By focusing our business on the med-tech environment, we are uniquely positioned to help improve concepts and build value at a lower cost than more traditional organizations.

The work has been gratifying. We have worked with over 400 companies and have our name on more than 80 patents. We have helped develop a range of products from heart valve implants to dental devices, neurologic technologies to orthopedic implants -- everything from head to toe.

We can help you too. We believe that the best medical device innovations deserve to make it to market. Contact us today to discuss a plan to get your product to market so you can make your mark in MedTech.