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Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is one of the new services that Phoenix DeVentures Inc. is offering. EOS DMLS machines are the industry standard and by adding this technology to our resources we will now be able to manufacture of medical device and aircraft components that cannot be manufactured using traditional technologies.

This addition to our capabilities will allow us to even better meet client needs as we always strive to employ our skills with technologies in order to expedite your concepts to marketability.

DMLS is the most sophisticated in the family of 3D printing technologies. Using data directly from CAD models and energy from a directed laser, fine metal particles (as small as 20 microns) are fused to create parts in layered increments. This allows for highly detailed features with high mechanical integrity and surprising surface quality. Parts are as complex as the engineer’s creativity, as the DMLS technology isn’t intimidated by complexity.

What is DMLS?

Direct Metal Laser Sintering was created by EOS, a company located near Munich, Germany. This technology involves additive metal fabrication and is also called SLS or as SLM. These refer to selective laser sintering and laser melting.

During the process of DMLS the 3D CAD model a file is created in the .stl format that is directed to the software of the machine. A technician is then able to work with the 3D model in order to position the geometry properly for optimal building of parts. The part file is then downloaded into the DMLS machine and the building process begins. The focused laser beam fuses the metal powder to a solid part through a melting process.

Using this type of technology a part is built in layers, which allows complex geometric designs to be built from the data that is entered automatically. These parts can be completed in just a few hours without the need of tooling, depending on part size. The DMLS process creates parts with a high amount of accuracy as well as detail resolution. These parts will have outstanding mechanical properties combined with good surface quality. Some parts will require post processing in order to meet specific part requirements

Benefits of DMLS

The benefits of 3D printing have long been understood as an important part of proof of design concepts in order to expedite the design and engineering processes. There are times when the shape of the device can be quite complex, making the prototyping of designs very difficult and excessively expensive. Using the DMLS gives us the ability to make prototypes quite quickly in metal, as we have done for years in plastic. In addition to expediting the design, engineering, and prototyping process, some designs can be manufactured using DMLS that can’t be manufactured through other means. This has been especially integrated in design of aircraft components very effectively.

How We Use Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Working in the medical industry often requires parts that are quite complex to design and make. If your company is developing a medical or dental device of any kind and the geometry of the device is complex, our DMLS services, as well as plastic 3D printing can help. By transferring part files digitally in form that can be used directly within the machine, the part can be designed exactly to your company’s specifications. These services offer accuracy that cannot be obtained by using more traditional forms of manufacture

DMLS is used at Phoenix DeVentures to produce machine components, medical device prototypes, bone implants, aircraft components and injection mold inserts. Just as 3D printing has revolutionized the product development in the medical device field, DMLS is taking that revolution to the next level in building fully functional components in metal for all industrial applications.

Why Choose Phoenix DeVentures Inc. for your Product Development Needs?

The goal of our company is to provide each of our clients with the products that they need in the time frame that is necessary and within the budget that they have. Our company’s CEO has years of experience working with larger medical device companies as well as startups and understands how difficult it can be to meet the time and budget constraints that many start-up companies face.

For these reasons, our company is further expanding our technology offerings to ensure that we provide each of our clients with the personal services that they deserve and need. By implementing the Direct Metal Laser Sintering process into our services, we are offering a new way for our clients to design, develop, and manufacture their products

If you are looking for a way to fully develop a working product that has a unique geometric design, let us help you utilize this technology that we now have available. Contact us today to begin the process of creating what you need to get your product out in the market as soon as possible


DMLS facilitates manufacture of injection mold inserts as shown in this photo of a core pin made with DMLS. Both cavities and cores manufactured in this way reduce lead time to produce high quality injection molds.

Complex configurations can be extremely expensive and time consuming to prototype. DMLS allows for rapid prototyping of complex geometries. Typical tolerances are +/-.003 inch for smaller components.

3D printing of metal components with DMLS allows for the production of custom designs such as specialty surgical instruments as well as prototypes of new instrument concepts. Made from stainless steel, custom instruments are fully functional for use in surgery.

One of the very exciting applications of 3d printing through DMLS is in the manufacture of medical implants. As seen in the photo, the surface of DMLS produced parts can be made with a structure which facilitates exceptional ingrowth of bone tissue. This allows the implant to become integral with the patient’s natural bone for optimal joint strength.

Since DMLS parts are produced directly from CAD files such as SolidWorks or Pro-Engineer, parts can be as complex as the engineer can design them. The DMLS process doesn’t care how complex a part is and therefore the EOS machine doesn’t get headaches thinking about it like a machinist might.


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