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Custom Test Apparatus

Save Valuable Engineering time.

Testing can be expensive, and if not done correctly, can result in project delays and unnecessary expenses.


We help our clients save valuable engineering time with custom test equipment. For products that don’t require live testing, we can perform simulated use testing. 


We have years of experience using validation, measurement, test, and assembly fixtures to deliver the right custom fixture for your R&D or production environment.


This level of accurate simulated use testing can save the time and expense of live testing and give you the accurate results you need to submit for product approval.

Save Engineering Time

Simulated use testing can provide the accurate data you need to submit for product approval without the time and expense of setting up live tests.

Expedite Time to Market

Simulated use testing provides the validation data you need more quickly so you are ready to get the approvals you need to move your project forward.

Stay in Budget

Custom test equipment provides the accurate data you need without the expense that can be involved in live testing.

Our engineering team works closely with clients, often physicians and entrepreneurs, to bring ideas to reality.

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