Chlorine Dioxide Sterilization

The future looks promising for CD Sterilization.

Looking to the Future


Chlorine Dioxide (CD) is a highly penetrative true gas – equivalent to Ethylene Oxide (EO). CD Sterilization was originally developed by Johnson & Johnson. CD has been in use for decades on products and components across various industries. CD itself is a US EPA-Registered Sterilant.


The CD sterilization process is identical to that of EO:

  • The product can be processed in pouches or product cartons
  • The product is loaded into chambers
  • The product is exposed to CD
  • Confirmation of processing is performed at end of cycles




Current challenges using CD:

  • There is no existing standard dedicated specifically to CD sterilization.
    • ISO14937 is the current valid applicable standard
  • Limited devices with 510k approval utilizing CD
  • Processing of products in cardboard shippers requires a robust cycle using more CD
  • Limited availability of validated facilities



In 2023, Phoenix DeVentures expects to have sterilization validation completed for at least one customer using CD