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Boosting the Health Industry: Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Take a look at any medical device such as a thermometer or a breathalyzer. The certifications, uses, and labeling are in there in line with Food and Drug Administration standards, right down to the owner’s manual. Although the brand name is something you really recognize, chances are, another manufacturer actually made it for that company. A company that specializes in medical device contract manufacturing, also known as medical device outsourcing, may have built the items you use in the hospital. Reports ...  [read more]


Rapid Product Fabrication with Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Every manufacturing company aims to turn out items of the highest production standards. This is essentially true, from the initial design to the materials engineering all the way to quality control. A well-engineered product backed by good marketing standards will surely be a winner among consumers. With the economy doing well on several fronts, it is important to maintain or exceed the output to keep up with potential demand. The importance of such an outlook is more pronounced in the medical ...  [read more]


Find Out What Quick-Turn Injection Molding Is and What It’s Benefits Are

Quick Turn Injection MoldingQuick turn injection molding is the fastest available technology to create qualitative injection molded parts. Quick-turn manufacturing is the process of transforming a CAD file into quality molds in a very short amount of time. Unlike other prototype creation techniques, quick-turn provides qualitative, high standard molds that maintain the true geometry of the CAD file. Compared to other molding techniques, quick-turn molding does ...  [read more]