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The Importance of the FDA Registration of Medical Device Manufacturers

Only after finishing medical school, completing a residency, and acquiring the necessary medical license can a doctor take the Hippocratic Oath, which is one of the most binding documents in history. Hippocrates, of course, is regarded as one of the most revered figures in the field of medicine. By taking the oath, a healthcare professional vows to protect patients from harm, among other things. [read more]


Why Medical Device Development is Critical to the Success of Medical Research

The healthcare industry is a tough place. Every day, millions of people seek treatment from skilled professionals in several hospitals and local practices. The procedures can range from minor treatments to complicated operations that can mean life or death. Various devices are used over the course of these activities. (more…) ...  [read more]


Tapping Medical Device Manufacturers to Make Your Products for You

Imagine administering first aid on a snake-bite victim. You have a treatment kit on hand, which has everything you need to help the victim until proper medical support arrives: vacuum pump, razor, suction cups, the whole lot. A closer look at the label, however, will tell a different story. While the product, packaging, and labeling show superb production, which you’ve come to expect from the brand, it can be a stunner to learn that it was actually another company that ...  [read more]