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Direct Metal Laser Sintering System Shapes the Way Metals are Fabricated

Steel is highly regarded for its tensile strength, malleability in high temperatures, and high weight threshold. Almost all heavy-duty technology seen today have parts made of solid steel or composite alloys. These are made through various methods, but some state-of-the-art machines are fashioned through a direct metal laser sintering service offered by companies like Phoenix Deventures. Aside from steel, DMLS can also work its magic on some other metals.


Titanium is usually applied in various industrial fields, especially those that require metals with high heat or weight tolerances like aerospace and metallic prostheses. A DMLS machine programmed to cut titanium can fashion a desired product from a single block without actually slicing through the metal. The product design itself can be tweaked and simulated on a computer-aided-design suite before the template is ever cut. This translates into lower labor expenses and reduced wear and tear on cutting tools.


German company EOS Solutions pioneered the DMLS technology and their research led to sintering solutions tailor-made to aluminum. One particular product is the AlSi10Mg powder. Using a DMLS machine programmed with specific user templates, the machine’s laser beams can fuse the powder into the desired parts. The silicon-magnesium compounds make the aluminum a much harder metal, while the leftover powder can be reused.


This nickel-based alloy containing iron and chromium is often seen in higher industrial applications such as rocket parts and energy production plants. DMLS technology allows for manufacturers to fashion Inconel-based parts quickly and at a lower cost. The finished parts can later undergo other processes to increase their durability.

Any of the above three metals may also find use in quick turn injection molding processes. Companies like Phoenix Deventures can use their DMLS machines to help craft a client’s mold if they need to fashion parts for sample products. In-house mold development allows for the production procedure to be finished within a shorter period.

Whether you’re in need of some hard prostheses or even composite-alloy fans to complete a turbofan or outboard motor, a DMLS system will be able to do it for you in a fraction of the time. Furthermore, the finished product will be all but indestructible.