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How Direct Metal Laser Sintering Assists in the Development of Medical Devices

Imagine you're part of a band of Medieval Crusaders on an expedition in the Near East. Your group must prepare for war against a fully armed and battle-tested army. The only other way to defeat your opponents (aside from having a better war strategy) is to arm your soldiers with superior weapons. However, creating superior weapons according to exact design specifications would have been challenging due to the limited technical knowledge of Medieval blacksmiths. The need ...  [read more]


Why Medical Device Development and Manufacturing Companies Focus on Innovation

Have you ever seen period films that show dentists performing tooth extractions or doctors performing surgery? Prior to the discovery of anesthesia and antibiotics, visiting the local dentist or doctor was a frightening experience, as patients would have their teeth extracted or limbs amputated with crude implements while they were fully conscious. To add insult to injury, open wounds could become infected or gangrenous if implements weren't properly sterilized. Fortunately, we no longer have to ...  [read more]


Medical Device Manufacturing Made Easy with Direct Metal Laser Sintering Machines

During the Middle Ages, people relied on blacksmiths whenever they needed metal tools. Blacksmiths engaged in backbreaking and scorching work that required them to spend days or even weeks in their forges just to finish a single tool of surpassing quality. Yet for all their skill and craftsmanship, medieval blacksmiths could never hope to match the efficiency and accuracy of modern manufacturing techniques. [read more]